Glow Youth

At Glow Youth, we are passionately dedicated to creating a vibrant and supportive environment that nurtures the spiritual growth and personal development of every young person. Anchored in the love of Christ, Glow Youth offers a dynamic blend of engaging programs and activities that inspire faith and foster meaningful relationships. We believe in empowering our youth to be influential leaders, not only within our church but throughout their communities, embodying the joy and hope of a life lived in connection with God.

Glow Youth Directors

Jonah & Nikki Le Comte-Moevao

Jonah and Nikki have been vibrant pillars of the Glow Church community for over eight years. With a deep passion for youth and a commitment to nurturing the spiritual and personal growth of each young person, they lead Glow Youth with enthusiasm and love. Together, they create a welcoming environment where every teenager can thrive and discover their faith. Their approaches to engagement and discipleship encourage our youth to be confident, compassionate leaders both within the church and in the wider community.


First Time to Glow Youth

The first time you arrive at Glow Youth your teenagers will need to complete a sign up form. This process asks your teenager to provide basic details such as their Name, Date of Birth and Contact Details. It will also ask for Parent contact information so we can contact you in the case of an emergency. As the parent, you will receive an SMS notifying you that your child has signed in to Glow Youth for the first time and provide you a link to let us know of any details we should know to help provide a safe environment for your teenagers.

As a parent, you are also welcome to come chat with our youth team about Glow Youth and it's program.


Friday Night Program

Every Friday night at Glow Youth offers your teenager a chance to unwind, connect, and engage in a fun, faith-filled environment. The evening starts with a quick check-in, setting the stage for a safe and seamless experience. Teens can catch up with friends and our approachable youth leaders, creating bonds that extend beyond our church walls.

A budget-friendly dinner option is available each week, along with a tuckshop for purchasing snacks and drinks.

The night’s agenda is packed with activities designed to engage and inspire. It features energetic games, praise & worship, and engaging messages that resonate with young people. After the main event, teens join connect groups—small, age-specific clusters where they can meet peers from different schools and discuss topics of the night in a relaxed setting.

The evening concludes at 9 PM, ensuring parents can pick up their teenagers on time. Drop by this Friday and discover a place where fun, faith and friendship meet at Glow Youth!


Stay Up TO Date With What's Happening

The best way to stay up to date with what is happening at Glow Youth is via Instagram.

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Child & YOUTH Safety

Glow Church is committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual welfare and safety of all people, particularly within our own community. We are committed to providing an open, welcoming and safe environment for all children and youth. Children are entitled to be safe and protected. They have the right to be respected, listened to, and to have their particular needs addressed in Church activities.


Get in Touch

If at anytime you want to get in touch with our Youth Team simply email [email protected]

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