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Year 1 Commencing 2021


Year 2 Commencing 2022

Your year of Supernatural Ministry commences January 2021 on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia.

Glow leaders and staff will be delivering live lectures and worship experiences, in partnership with the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, through the BSSM curriculum and teachings from Bethel Church; as well as other internationally-known guest speakers, to impart the same Kingdom principles taught in Redding, California, right here in Australia.

Your year of Supernatural Ministry will be an in-person, hands-on ministry training centre where our students embrace their God-given identity, learn the values of the Kingdom, and walk in the supernatural authority and power of the King.

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INAUGURAL year commences January 2021

Why GSM?


My wife and I have had the privilege, over the years, of attending numerous conferences at Bethel Church, Redding, California. These were wonderful, life-changing experiences which totally spoilt the “normal way of doing church” for us. Why? you would ask. Well, you see, the worship experience was amazing, the teaching was exceptional, the culture of honour was, well… honouring, the prophetic was evident, the Prayer Chapel and Healing Rooms were an encounter and so I can go on. As I said, it was life-changing! But there was one thing that made my heart stop, and made me take notice. It was whilst being in town, away from the “Church environment” whilst buying food, or doing grocery shopping or at a restaurant etc, that we would get to the counter to pay, and the person helping us would hear our accents, recognise we were from Australia and then ask “Are you here for a conference at Bethel Church?” We would affirm this and do what anyone would and asked “Do you attend Bethel?” or “Is Bethel your church?” etc. About nine times out of 10, the person would reply along the lines of “No, I don’t believe!” or “No I am not religious!” or “No, I used to go to church, but…”.

What stood out the most for us, was that the town was aware of The Church. The Church was making a difference in the town – how else would they know about it? On enquiry as to how or why they knew about Bethel Church, we found out that it was because “a group of people from their school cleaned up our community park” or “I met a person who prayed for my sore leg and it got well”, or “they do so much for our town, my business has been impacted by their presence,” or “they tip so well when they dine-in” and so I can go on.

It was clear to us, that the church, was being The Church, not amongst four walls on a Sunday, but within their community, every day, walking in love, calling out destiny, honouring those around them, knowing their identity as sons and daughters of the King as well as the power and authority given to them through the cross and therefore, bringing transformation where ever they went. We encountered this fruit!

We love, honour and respect Bethel Church, the leaders and staff, what they are doing not only in Redding but also the world, but my heart is not to duplicate Bethel Church in Australia! My heart is to see the fruit that I saw and experienced there, manifested here in our Great Southland of the Holy Spirit – Australia. And to do that, our mandate is to create a space where people, like you, find and embrace their true identity, fall in love with Jesus – The Word, experience the goodness of Father God and therefore bring heaven to earth, boldly stepping out, taking risks and living a life of love and passion.

Join us for a year and let God reveal everything to you about your “sonship”. Become the revivialist that God has destined you to be so that where you go, you help revive your workplace, place of education, community, family, friends – hosting His presence and bringing Heaven to earth.

Don’t hesitate – the time is now!

Contact the team, should you have any questions.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

God bless

Jay Jay Meyer
Glow School of Ministry

What to Expect


GSM is a Holy Spirit-driven ministry school where we practice recognising God’s presence, helping students learn how to live in the Kingdom of God and extend its borders through a supernatural lifestyle.

We will intentionally create space where a hunger for God’s manifest presence and an openness to experiencing the power of Holy Spirit is pursued.


Worship is a core value of our culture and is a high priority at GSM because, as Bill Johnson said, “It’s more than a song we sing. It’s our heartfelt response we give to God that places value on Him.”

We believe that our students will reach a deeper level in accessing the heart of God as they unite and worship together in ‘spirit and truth’. We have prioritised different sessions of corporate prayer and worship each day, which is to be led by our amazing student worship team.


Our mission is for each individual to radically live as the revivalist that God has created you to be. A REVIVALIST is a believer who knows and walks in their true God-given identity as a son or daughter, who purposefully and intentionally hosts the presence of God, who shifts atmospheres and brings Heaven to earth for immediate transformation of lives and cultures.

Our expectation is that you will grow in this truth, come to love it, deeply enjoy its value to save and transform you, and ultimately, to radically live it.


Another big heart’s desire of our school is that each person will have the shackles of slavery removed and the robe of royalty and ring of authority restored – with each individual walking in their royal identity as sons and daughters of the King.

GSM is designed to be a ministry training centre where our students find and embrace their God ordained identity, learn the values of the Kingdom (The King’s domain) and walk in the authority and power of this calling. It is a TRANSFORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE where your life will be touched and changed for all eternity!


The Good News without power is not good news. The Good News is dynamic Truth which cuts to our heart and core. It is an invading, disruptive, disturbing, and yet FREEING reality. According to the Bible, this POWER does not allow a hearer to remain the same. So, another of our goals at GSM is that every student would know this POWER and radically live it as is written in Matthew 10:7-8 [NIV] “As you go, proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received; freely give.”


GSM is not for the faint of heart. It is an extremely fast-paced season of schooling, BUT the training is pivotal and strategic, aiding in you becoming who God designed you to be.

Each week consists of 21 hours of worship, teaching, conference style classes, revival and connect group meetings and weekly hands-on outreaches and serving. Experiencing this together as a group, multiplies it exponentially, together cheering each other on as each realise and live out their unique identities, gifts, and destinies, bringing transformation to not only themselves, but also their local communities.

Synopsis of your journey

This is what your personal journey can look like if you commit, surrender, remain focused and journey within GSM:

  • Discover your identity in Christ.
  • Develop a deeper intimacy with God.
  • Learn and live out Biblical Kingdom Values.
  • Learn to walk in the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • Learn to study and love Scripture.
  • Learn the importance of TRIBE as you build relationships and walk out this journey with other believers.
  • Get equipped in ministry training, revival groups and connect groups.
  • Serve in love, truth, and power through ministry teams and outreach in your local community, city and the nations whilst on mission trips.


We need to remember that; we have been bought with the ultimate price and placed within a beautiful family. Our behaviour deeply affects others. One of God’s most powerful tools for changing us into His likeness is Community. Personal responsibility and accountability are accomplished through connect group interaction and a covenant community which embraces honesty, transparency and confrontation. You will be part of a Revival Group and a Connect Group, where you will do life, be honoured, encouraged, held accountable, stretched and know grace and love!

Present in our City

GSM students will intentionally be reaching out to different areas within our community and city as part of the GSM City Service and Love On Our City (LOOC) programs. Each student will be involved in the neighbourhood because GENEROSITY IS OUR RESPONSE and PASSION IS THE OVERFLOW.

On top of this, we also encourage students to live in the neighbourhoods and get jobs in the local area, therefore practice bringing Jesus to the marketplace, as a part of their learning hands-on experience. Students are encouraged to work part-time jobs while they attend school.

Academic Life

We emphasise hands-on training and experience along with academic understanding. This creates a “teach and do” culture where students take risks to stretch their faith and grow in their understanding of God and the authority that they are destined to walk in. Students attending GSM should consider themselves full-time students carrying a full load of coursework.

The academic instruction at GSM is unique because it is taught by apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers from hundreds of hours of on-demand course content from Bethel Church as well as Pastors and leaders from our own Church.

While we have powerful guest speakers throughout the year, the primary teaching is through the BSSM Curriculum (via video) with speakers like Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Dann Farrelly, Paul Manwaring, Brian Johnson, as well as other fathers and mothers of the faith. Students will learn how to read, understand, and “do” the Bible, how to practice His presence, to witness, heal the sick, prophesy, preach, pray, cast out demons and much, much more.

Advanced Ministry Training / Tracks

Advanced Ministry Training (AMT) is like an elective (short courses) that gives students training in a variety of areas (e.g. missions, prophetic art, evangelism, etc).

Tracks are more like year-long, career-oriented classes (e.g. church planting, youth ministry, kids ministry, etc) that students can take instead of AMTs.

As a full-time student, Advanced Ministry Training (AMTs) & Track classes are available throughout the year that provide a deeper understanding in different areas. These are amazing opportunities to customise your experience and get the most out of your time at GSM. You will learn more about AMTs & TRACKS once school starts.


GSM is NOT an accredited, degree-granting educational institution, so students are not eligible for financial aid, student loans, grants or tax benefits. Your biggest reward will be knowing God more intimately, walking in your identity and then seeing lives set free as you bring light into dark places, as you shift atmospheres, as you pray for the sick and see miracles happen and as you bring hope to a hopeless society. You will receive a Certificate of Completion should you meet the graduation requirements and this will definitely serve as a validation to future ministry employers.

Is GSM for me?

Are you hungry to see the power of God in your life? Do you desire to have greater intimacy with God and with others? Do you have a passion to see the impossible made possible? Do you want to be used by God to shape the course of human history? Are you willing to embrace the lifestyle of a revivalist?

If your answer is “YES” to any of these questions, then GSM is for you!



GSM Mission

To equip, empower, activate and send revivalists across our community, city, nation and the world, who passionately walk in REAL BOLD LOVE, touching and changing lives for all eternity wherever they go!


Glow Church, the home of Glow School of Ministry, is located on the beautiful Gold Coast, and is one of the fastest growing churches in Australia, with over 4500 people who call this church home. Glow is world renowned for its innovative leadership, biblical teachings, inspiring creativity and capability of making everyone who walks into their doors feel they belong and are at home. This is thanks to our amazing team who are inspired, empowered, loved and led by our dynamic spirit-filled and spirit-led Senior Pastors, Joel and Ellen Cave. They founded Glow Church in 2013 and have gone on to lead ONE CHURCH in 3 LOCATIONS – Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. Our Senior Leaders seek the Kingdom of God, carry the culture of honour and have a heart to see people, from all walks of life, embraced, discipled, empowered and believe for an exciting future, reaching their full potential in God.

The Gold Coast, one of Australia’s premier holiday destinations and home to Glow Church, is a coastal city in south-east Queensland, approximately 66 kilometres from the state capital, Brisbane.

It is a major tourist destination with a sunny, subtropical climate, 70 kilometres of uninterrupted coastline, world class surfing beaches, beautiful skylines, unforgettable sunrises and sunsets, theme parks, and the ever-green rainforest hinterland. You can get to the Gold Coast by flying directly into the Gold Coast International Airport (at Coolangatta) or via Brisbane Airport which is just over an hour’s drive or train ride.

We invite you to spend a year with us in this slice of paradise, experience the uniqueness of the Gold Coast, immerse yourself into our GSM and Church culture, learn why we do what we do, all the while encountering our amazingly good Father.

Key Dates

Semester 1

  • Applications Open – 19 Aug 2020
  • Apps Close (Domestic incl NZ) – 22 Jan 2021
  • Registration – Wednesday 27 Jan 2021
  • First Day – Wednesday 27 Jan 2021
  • School Retreat – 17 – 19 Feb 2021
  • Break – Monday 5 April 2021
  • Return – Wednesday 21 April 2021
  • Holidays – 18 June 2021
  • Hillsong Conference – 29 June 2021 (Optional & at own costs)

Semester 2

  • First Day – 14 July 2021
  • Mission Trips – 17 – 26 Sep 2021 (TBC)
  • Return – Wednesday 29 Sep 2021
  • Last Day – Friday 3 Dec 2021
  • Graduation Ceremony/Dinner – 3 Dec 2021
  • Graduation Sunday Commissioning – 5 Dec 2021
  • Christmas Break – 10 Dec – 3 Jan 2022
Timetable Sample


One year of FULL-TIME (3 days per week) in person, hands-on ministry school, using the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry curriculum, on the beautiful Gold Coast.

View the full 2021 GSM Fee Schedule

This is an experience that money cannot buy but also includes: Tuition, Books, Guest Speakers, Retreat/s, Merchandise and more! (NOTE: Tuition Fees does not include Mission Trip)

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Donate to GSM

If you’d like to support GSM or a particular student attending GSM, you can donate using the button below. Your gift may well be the catalyst to a life being transformed at GSM.

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Hi my name is Jason and I’m from the Gold Coast, Australia. I went to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in 2011 and completed all 3 years of Bethel. 

I read a book by Kevin Dedmon on Treasure Hunting and was fascinated by these young people out on the streets living a supernatural lifestyle. I realised they knew something that I didn’t and whatever they had I wanted. 

I dropped my job in Finance and flew to Bethel. To say my life was transformed is an understatement. I found an intimate relationship with Holy Spirit, how to hear his voice and follow him throughout life. The revelation; that I was a son of God and could have relationship with my Father and live a naturally supernatural life.

If you have that longing inside you, to do the things that Jesus did, to live a supernatural lifestyle, then there is no better curriculum in the world then Bethel’s. I’m extremely excited that Glow will be using that curriculum here on the Gold Coast, you will not be the same on the other side of the school.

Jason Rawlings

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My name is Ella and I’m from Melbourne Australia, and I am a Pastor at Bethel Church in Redding California. I went to Bethel school of Supernatural Ministry in 2014 and completed all three years.

I came to BSSM because I had seen people transformed under the teachings of Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton. I had been a Christian all my life but had never experienced the power of God. I had heard about people living a miraculous lifestyle, encountering God, seeing miracles and believing God was a good Father, so I decided to take the risk and move from Australia to California. The result was, I saw God show up in the craziest ways that completely transformed the way; I think about God, myself and the way I live my life today. 

I am so excited that Glow Church is partnering with Bethel School and using the curriculum that radically transformed the way I think and changed my life. This curriculum has a way of activating you in a lifestyle of faith and miracles.

Ella Hooper

“If you make history with God, He will make history through you!”
- Bill Johnson (Snr Leader Bethel Church)
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Bill & Beni Johnson
Bill & Beni Johnson
BSSM Cofounder & Senior Leader
Kris & Kathy Vallotton
Kris & Kathy Vallotton
BSSM Cofounder & Director
Dann & Christie Farrelly
Dann & Christie Farrelly
Joel & Ellen Cave
Joel & Ellen Cave
Senior Pastors, Glow Church
Jay Jay Meyer
Jay Jay Meyer
GSM Director
Tom Zaharis
Tom Zaharis
Teaching Pastor, Glow Church
“If you make history with God, He will make history through you!”
- Bill Johnson (Snr Leader Bethel Church)
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Hi, my name is Matthew and I’m from the Gold Coast, Australia. In 2018 I attended Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) in Redding California and completed the first year of the school.

I originally didn’t know why I needed to go to BSSM but I knew God was leading me there. From day one, God confirmed, and then countless times, that this was where I was supposed to be. Spending 9 months in a ‘GreenHouse,’ like environment, allowed me to grow in so many areas, but growing in my identity as a beloved son of God, was the most significant. Living a revivalist lifestyle actually became easy as I leaned back into the Father’s arms and allowed His love to flow through me. 

I am really excited about this next season and the fact that we will be hosting a similar school here in my hometown, on the Gold Coast!

Matt Hager

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Hi, My name is Nadia. I am originally from Saint-Petersburg, Russia but now I live with my beautiful family on the Gold Coast, Australia. I attended Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in 2012 and completed all three years.

God led me to BSSM through a few significant divine appointments. Being Russian, I didn’t know much about Bethel. I just followed His voice trusting He had the best plan for my life. He opened doors and brought provision for every step. As a result, I am forever changed. I have deeply encountered God’s love for myself and for others. Through Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton’s lives and teachings I’ve discovered how good God is, which helped to strengthen my personal relationship with Him. I have grown in discernment to recognise God’s voice to navigate daily life. He has affirmed my identity, my calling and my destiny! I have seen what true love, humility and honour look like. I have personally experienced supernatural manifestations of God such as healing and miracles.

I am thrilled to see Glow Church and BSSM partnering together to bring this course to the Gold Coast. I believe this will change your life too!

Nadia Varcoe

Frequently Asked Questions


What about Covid-19?

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we have updated our Refund Policy for GSM 2021.

For all applicants and accepted students, both domestic and international, the application fee, deposit and tuition are refundable up until the student is a registered student at GSM.

In other words, if accepted students are unable to make it to the Gold Coast by 31 January 2021, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will refund all fees (application fee, deposit and tuition).

Once accepted students have arrived at Glow, and are officially registered at GSM, the application fee and deposit become non-refundable and their tuition will fall under the normal Refund Policy (See Financial Package for more details).

How do I secure my spot at School?

Complete your application, send it in with your processing fee and upon acceptance into the school, pay your deposit within 30 days or immediately after November 6, 2020.

Is there an option for full-time, part-time or online studying?

GSM is just full-time because we believe culture is caught and nothing can replace being in the midst of people with the same heart and passion.

Are mid year intakes available?

Intakes will only be at the beginning of every year. Applications will open round July for the next calendar year.

What does homework look like?

GSM is full-time course, and students will carry a full-load of coursework. You will have Bible homework, homework from your AMT’s (Advance Ministry Training), Bible reading, book reading and reports. There is around 21 hours a week of school and expect to spend at least 2 hours a night on homework.

What is Retreat all about?

Retreat is a time you spend with your Revival Group off campus. You will spend two nights and three days, at the beginning of the school year, experiencing the greatness of God’s word and worship. It is a time to build relationships with The Father and your fellow classmates.  Attending the retreat is a requirement for all students.

Are there age requirements for GSM?

Our minimum age for GSM is 18 years old. Exceptions are made periodically. There is no maximum age! So… if you are 18yrs of age or 80yrs of age… You are welcome!

When is the graduation date?

Graduation takes place at a Dinner on the 3rd December 2021 and a Service on 5th December 2021.

Qualification - Is GSM a nationally accredited course?

GSM is not an accredited, degree-granting educational institution, so students are not eligible for financial aid, student loans, grants or tax benefits. However, a Certificate of Completion is issued to those that meet graduation requirements which definitely serves as a validation to future ministry employers.

What is the difference between GSM and BSSM?

GSM is on the ground in Australia and BSSM is in Redding, California. GSM will be partnering with the BSSM Curriculum having the same amazing speakers; Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Dan Farrelly, Paul Manwaring, Halley Braun, Brian Johnson etc, via teachings on demand as well as in-person teachings from Senior Leaders and staff of Glow Church and other invited guest speakers.

Can I visit the school campus?

Yes you can! Visiting is Wednesday – Friday from 12:00-3:45 pm. You will need to register at the door and may attend up to 4 days per school year. Keep in mind that some days are closed to visitors so we recommend that email us at [email protected] before visiting to confirm we will be open. There is no charge to visit unless a guest speaker is scheduled ($10 for the day).


Is there a Mission Trip and is it mandatory?

There is a mission trip every year as part of the GSM experience. This is a wonderful opportunity to grow as you serve and are activated in the things you have learned.  The cost of your mission trip is NOT included in your tuition. Missions usually happen around the September break. All students are required to go on a mission trip.


Are there any prerequisites?


Do you require an English Proficiency testing?

No it is not a requirement, but you will need to pass a verbal interview and be able to fluently read, write and comprehend in English to be able to complete the School.


Is there a discount for family?

Yes, you will need to email the finance department with all the details to request the discount.

Are children allowed to visit?

Children are not allowed to attend or visit school sessions.

Do you provide day care?

No, GSM does not provide day-care. However, there are local resources such as Day-care centres and private providers in the area.

What schools are available in the area for my children?

There are amazing Schools close to GSM. Some of these would be: Kings Christian College; Hillcrest Christian College; Somerset College, Varsity College.


If you have questions about the Glow School of Ministry, please get in touch today.
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